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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Does that make me a bad person?
For laughing at nerds.
The definition of nerd has changed over the last couple of years. I don't know if it's a local thing (California) but nerds became the in thing or at least saying that you were a nerd. I saw big breasted women walking around with t-shirts that said, "I love nerds" and people declared, "I'm such a nerd". It was a bit annoying since the people involved in the nerds are cool phase said this wore the trendy clothes, listened to the pop music and said the new catch phrases.
I don't wear trendy clothes (no wrist bands, tight pants, torn jeans, etc.), I like sci-fi shows (battlestar galactica, firefly, sliders, etc.), I play video games (games with video...) and I have more knowledge than pop knowledge (in fact my pop knowledge sucks now but that's because I'm old). Yet I drink to excess (I hate whiskey though), gamble (black jack because I can't count any higher than that), smoke (camels) and do various other activities legal to illegal(...).
A nerd is a nerd as a matter of social intellect. You can tell a nerd just by listening to them. When talking to normal folk they try to act cool only to end up looking like an idiot, they get nervous and they talk about things no one cares about. A nerd in other words is a social moron. The only way they can act comfortable in a crowd is amongst other nerd.
And the most common social activity of nerds it?
RPG (roll playing games). I'm not talking about video game rpgs I'm talking about getting together in your mom's basement, pulling out the D&D (dungeons and dragons) manuals and rolling dice.
Know what? Forget about everything I just said, you can know a nerd if they're a GM in RL (sorry about making fun of the use of RL [real life] outside of chat rooms but it's retarded [and I'm sorry about using the word retarded to give something a negative connotation but I couldn't think of a better word and it is retarded]). In case you didn't know GM means game master. Traditionally its the bloke who sits down and reads the manual/rules to a particular RPG and then makes up a story line for his friends to play through giving them quests and creatures to fight.
And look here there's an entire webstite devoted to them!
I have nothing against the physical website it's actually a decent layout for the type of content I just couldn't pass up making fun of it though.


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