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In the begining there was ME and I said give me money and I was poor, then I said make me happy and their was women followed by darkness and finally I said don't let their be idiots and so there were. I think blogs and most of the internet in general is crap from nobodies I don't care about. Everyone wants to be famous but no one wants to do the work. All you have to do is type type, post on the internet and bam. This is dedicate to all the hopeless that are too stupid to even know.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Every time

Every time I browse the web for something to hate I get to a point where I think, "I'm not going to find anything," and then bam!

It's times like this where I'm glad the internet exist. How else could our world's culture and knowledge survive? How else could our children learn about air raid sirens? Okay, I get collecting things and having hobbies like collecting cards or playing with model trains. It's cool I got my nerdy secrets too but what category does air raid sirens fall under?
I don't even really know what to say.
Speechless... typeless.
Shit they went through the trouble of designing a shockwave program for it (who still uses shockwave by the way?).
I just don't know what to say...
Air raid sirens...
I couldn't even bring myself to download any of the audio files though they'd probably make a great ring tone.
Don't get me wrong, it's 4th of July and I respect war veterans and people who lived in a war zone. I just sat through and hour long rain of concussion blasts and I couldn't image existing with that overhead and deadly. There's something to be said about chronicling the past, remembering it but... click on the "my siren project" link at the top in little almost illegible text, then click thunderbolt. If you scroll down you get a glimpse of the man behind the siren. A thirty year old guy who doesn't look like he gets much dating in on his siren down time (sorry, I know personal bashing is kinda low but the reason assumptions and generalizations exist is because 80% of the time they're right).
I can't imagine there's much of an industry or market for refurbished air raid sirens but more power to you siren man, more power to you.


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