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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Foil hats are in

Admittedly I don't watch much TV, try to save myself the horror, but I've never heard of wing TV and that makes me sad because apparently the revolution is being televised and I'm missing it.
As a true patriot of disbelief, mistrust and paranoia I always find it hard to take folks like this seriously. Man, I don't even take long standing news papers as creditable. Everyone has their own personal agenda whether they want to admit it or not. We're human we have the things that interest us and some time we let that open certain doors and close off others. But the unbias nature of the news is a whole other topic.
It worries me that people can read obviously alarmist propaganda info with out blinking an eyes. Though I think the irony of the matter is the type of people who get read this stuff as fact like to call everything else propaganda. There's one thing I know for sure good people can't always be good and bad people can't always be bad, sometimes they slip up. So it seems a fella would have to be pretty insane to think that the government was 100% bad, hiding, lying, self-serving yet all these types of folks print are articles that the government is all evil.
But to be completely honest what I'm really tired of is people that are still complaining about the war. Its been on for how long now? Those stupid hippies protested 'nam and all they managed was to do drugs and damage property. Protesting does jack. The people who care about your cause already care, you're not going to suddenly convert someone. Bush's term is almost up why not spend your energies towards the future presidency rather than with something you can't changed. Move on.
I got off topic.
The real point I wanted to make here is... did you click on the holocaust unveiled thing? These guys slip fairly accurate news articles in with some disturbing revisionist theory that the holocaust never occurred. Creep factor 10. I have to assume that these guys have some neo-Nazi ties. I hope I don't find myself beaten by a bunch of ignorant white trash for this.
Anyway, I'm gonna run on a little more. If you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage you'll notice the website was designed by PCStudios (, a bad design I might add since they charge $1,000 dollars for it). I'm all for freedom of speech but I think I'd have a moral issue putting together a website for a bunch of bigots. So there are two theories; one they have no morals (seeing as how they over charge for crappy web design I could lean in that direction) or two; they are also neo-Nazi's. Which also means that the Costa Rica rain forest foundation is run by Nazi's ( and so in summary the rain forest is evil and must be destroyed.


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