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In the begining there was ME and I said give me money and I was poor, then I said make me happy and their was women followed by darkness and finally I said don't let their be idiots and so there were. I think blogs and most of the internet in general is crap from nobodies I don't care about. Everyone wants to be famous but no one wants to do the work. All you have to do is type type, post on the internet and bam. This is dedicate to all the hopeless that are too stupid to even know.

Friday, July 07, 2006

My life in a...

I almost skipped right past this site when I first saw it. It has a non-eyecatching feel to it which I think is a bad thing when you're trying to sell stuff.

Does anyone know who Wilhelm Reich? An Austrian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst trained by Sigmund Freud. In the 1930s, he said he discovered a physical energy, which he called "orgone," and which he said was contained in the atmosphere and in all living matter. He developed instruments,— orgone accumulators,— to detect and harness the energy, which he said could be used to treat illnesses like cancer.
In other words he was the first credible quack or the father of new age mysticism and those crazy crystal freaks.
So I guess these folks decided to dabble with Reich's orgone accumulator formula which amounts to mixing and matching different rocks and minerals together and putting them in plastic. So in the end you get this ugly looking paper weight that is supposed to heal the world.
Has anyone caught the real joke here? Ozarks...
If you don't know what the Ozarks are let me tell you. They're a mountain ranging in the southern united states. They are also the source of every hillbilly, redneck, white trash, inbreeding, "squeal like a pig" joke in existence. The folks up there are so cut off and left to their own that they tend to do the things that the stereotypes say they do.
So everyone buy a hillbilly papeweightht and get energized!


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