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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A continuing lesson on art

As you can clearly see from the image to the left there's clearly nothing to see. This website opens up with the great non-informative square. Can anyone tell me one of my biggest issues with websites recently? The fact that they don't bother justifying or explaining there existence. Why should I even bother clicking on this boring block of green? Tell me or sell me or convince me but don't assume I give a crap. Well, I guess I do give a crap since I clicked on it and I'm writing about it but I'm not the brightest bulb.
When you do click on the square it brings you to the images html. Images, yes. Art, no. Thank you photoshop for making everyone thing they're an artist. Next there will be a program that will write stories and all you have to do is plug in character names.
What's depressing about these images is that kids now a days (sometimes I like making myself feel old) think things like these are the coolest thing in the world. Threshold-ed images are all over the place right now, t-shirts, magazines, CD covers, posters and on and on. Personally I think the only reason they're popular is because any child can make them.
In case you don't know what a threshold-ed image is it a image, usually a photo that is run through a filter that turns the luminescence of an image into numbers. You can choose a number and bright or dark colors outside of the threshold of that image are removed creating black and white out lines. It's a simple task of going to one of the menu bar options in photoshop and selecting threshold, 30 seconds max. So what people like this like to do is find photos chop out the parts they like threshold them and paste them into something they call art.
Now I could give this person the befit of the doubt and believe that they made these by hand or carves out wood stamps used black ink and made these but there's a dozen reasons I can tell these are photoshop, the most obvious one is the color scribbles that don't bleed through anything.
it's all very annoying and makes me not even want to bother talking about copyright infringement.


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