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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I don't' get it

Can someone please explain this to me?
There's all this hype about this movie but I can't figure out why (granted I don't watch TV so I haven't seen talk show plugs or ads). Maybe it's because they advertise on myspace or maybe because of that cool band that sold their artistic integrity to write a song for the movie. It could be because Samuel L. Jackson he is one cool mother. I wanted to find out why people were so interested in this movie so logically I went to the website which is crap. You're options there are to buy merchandise, download junk or watch the trailers. I couldn't find an explanation as to what the movie was about.
Using my finely tuned detective mind I extrapolated from the information I was able to gather.
What I think this movie is, is a serious horror spoof. They took a ridiculous horror movie concept and wanted to make it feel serious like they were trying to make a good movie. Trying be the key word because from the trailers I couldn't see anything entertaining about the movie. I've seen a thousand of movies just like it except people were actually trying to be serious (watch sci-fi channel on Sundays and you can see too). So I guess the difference is that you can laugh at this movie while laughing at any other would be mean.
I have news for the planes on snakes... snakes on planes folks serious spoof horror has already been done and by one of the great masters.

Bruce Campbell! Save the gas and cost of a movie ticket buy this movie and have it shipped to your door. Bruce gets a couple of his friends from his Zena warrior princess days and directs this beauty. It's literally so funny I forgot to laugh. For the first couple minutes your thinking to yourself jeeze I hope they're not being serious then after a horribly choreographed fight scene you the chuckles slip out.
Anyway, if there's something else I'm missing about snakes on a plane let me know but if the attention is because they had a bigger advertising budget blah to them.


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