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Thursday, August 10, 2006


I have so many gripes about that I wouldn't have the time to post them all.
The biggest one is that if you speak against myspace you're more than likely to get a bunch of myspacers ready to argue against you. It's become a fanatic cult. Myspace has become the next drug or at least phone/90210/soap opera addiction. In my experience people who get addicted to things that have a limited to no bearing on ones current physical space have no real life or are teenagers. Except this addiction extend into the new realm of people who feel like they need to be in constant contact with everyone. It's as if they were afraid that if they miss something their lives will be ruined. Like people with TV's in their car being afraid to get to far away from the blaring media. Lucky for me the people who use myspace aren't capable of functioning on independent thought process which means I'm not missing out on anyone interesting.
I'll admit it though, I had an account years ago and recently tried to set up a new one (for lets face it advertising and web traffic purposes) but surprise surprise it still sucks. And I'm not just saying that because I have no friends. Everything I load myspace on of the millions of ads, flash, java, php codes screws my computer and crashes something. From what I hear myspace has recently been having major issues which means that the new account I setup I can't access. I can see the page I just can't do anything to it. Talk about a pointless waste of my internet space/the over all band with of the internet world.
The good news is that after being purchased by AOL/Time Warner myspaces has slowly began to destroy itself with bogged down connection, failing website code and over whelming ad content. All myspace is now is a way to sell things to the kids.

as I'm writing this I feel like I've written it before. Have I already posted a anti-myspace blog? myspace make my head hurt.


Blogger Alish said...

The problem with my space is that it's trying to condense the internet under a single domain name. Pearl Jam has a MySpace account. Weezer has one. Just about every band has a myspace account, which they predominantly use to host their music, and operate as a fan club. Their own personal websites used to do this, but with the advent of MySpace the websites have become nothing other than News listings, Flash animations, and tour info. Plus MySpace gives people the satisfaction that they can say "I'm on Pearl Jam's friend's list!"

...Congrats retard, Eddie's on his way to your place for dinner, because you're great pals!...

MySpace will self-destruct. It's trying to offer too much without offering very much. It's trying to BE the internet, but by simplifying it down to what the majority of users "want" on a website. Think back to websites of '97, '98, with personal websites which had a lot of dancing hamsters, midi songs playing in the background, annoying scripts that changed your mouse icon and had stars that followed the mouse, but otherwise offered no content. That's what myspace is, only now it's even easier to set up, and less likely to house any interesting content! MySpace is offering nothing original though. Many of these online communities have popped up and then eventually disappeared as the website became plagued with popups, banners, and other ads to make up for the overwhelming demand of bandwidth.

...and if it doesnt self-implode that way, you can just hope that one day, when all the Myspace users are unmarried 45 year olds with cholesterol problems, back problems, and achne problems they'll lean back in their comfortable posterpedic chair they payed $450 to help their back problems, they'll pause for a moment in thought, then log on to their myspace account and ask their e-buddies if they remember what the sun looks like...they'll all go outside to look at it, and their pale complexion will allow the sun to burn them to a crisp and they will explode in a glory of fried acne and body fat.

10:08 AM  
Blogger SB said...

well said, all though midi's totally ruled back in the day (of course back in the day i was learning and memorizing html and doing it by hand in a plain text editor).
you bring up a good point about bands or just tv/actors in general. people actually sign on to be their "buddies" and i think i heard that new "I want to be a dancer but I'm from the street so I have to mix it up with a classical dancer to get better but in the meantime she gets better and we fall in love" movie made myspace profiles for all the characters. Not actors characters. that's one step beoynd retarded when people add them.
although to be fair to myspace when there was just TV people still thought characters from TV shows were real.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Alish said...

So basically profiles for fictitious people huh?

By the way...didn't the same movie come out a few years ago under the name Save the Last Dance?

Einstein said it best: The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it's limits.

11:26 AM  

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