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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Not my definition

does the definition of art extend from crayon scribbles to renaissance masterpieces?
If you've ever involved yourself in the art world or tried to differentiate between good and bad you may have asked yourself this question. To say that a child crayon ramblings are the same as a Picasso doesn't do either justice. If you did then would you crumble up the kids work and say, "bah, try something else because you're never going to make it." And if Picasso were alive today you wouldn't walk up to him and say, "by two year old is an artist too." So logically there is a level where skill plays a factor in what is art and what isn't (though in comparison to crayons do paint splatters/abstract art constitute anything?).
As an artist it's nice to have your work seen and appreciated but it's hard work being noticed by people or galleries when there are so many people (of varying ability) trying to be artists too. Take for instance. It's a forum/gallery for artist to put up photos of their work and have them be seen. But if you click on the link what do you see? The images tend to generate randomly but I can tell you the top 5:
1) anime, kids trying to replicate their favorite characters or just take from the already over used art style.
2) sketches, usually child like from kids with digital cameras putting up their pencil lines against high quality paintings.
3) Digital, or something made using only a computer. This isn't art just graphic design especially as programs advance and making a face or an animal is an auto function you find somewhere in the menus.
4) faces, or photos, of teenagers face in what they believe to be an interesting or cool pose. Most of these are taken by holding the camera in one hand and extending their arm out. Some of the non-face photos are boring nature shots or lame attempts at being deep and artsy.
5) and last and obviously least actual art work. Well composed images with good color palette's and good technique.
the thing that makes deviant art so disappointing is that the people with the worst work are often times the most popular because the user spends most of their time using the site as a way to chat an leave comments.


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