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In the begining there was ME and I said give me money and I was poor, then I said make me happy and their was women followed by darkness and finally I said don't let their be idiots and so there were. I think blogs and most of the internet in general is crap from nobodies I don't care about. Everyone wants to be famous but no one wants to do the work. All you have to do is type type, post on the internet and bam. This is dedicate to all the hopeless that are too stupid to even know.

Monday, August 14, 2006


If you haven't noticed I've been behind in post for the last two weeks, the date stamp on this post reads Aug 14th but it's actually the 19th. This is my futile attempt at posting everyday or at least having a post everyday.
The reason for my delay is that I'm trying to multitask a couple things one of them being these posts. Everytime I get a couple minutes to scan the internet I'm plagued bombarded, lagged down and beaten by streaming video. Most of it plays automatically so I don't even get the chance to move on at the speed of my highspeed internet connection. I hit stop on the movies, wait for my browser to catch up then I can go along provided the stream isn't in QuickTime which always kills my computer. I don't know if anyone else has this problem it could just be me because of my browsing habits. Either way its annoying and it's getting worse.
Something like 75% of the websites I go to have streaming video somewhere in them. I remember once upon a time way the videos that were on the internet were interesting or informative now everyone is thinking up any reason to put a video online. To make matters worse a lot of these people are making money by throwing and spreading more trash.
Even the original streaming video web sites are trashy but they were the original so I can't get too mad. It's all the other jackasses jumping on the band wagon. They buy a domain name and hosting then leach video of other sites then they surround this video with ads. ads to the left of me, ads to the right of me, flash ads talking ads, ads that take forever to load. This is the whole reason most of these new web sites exist is to make money of the ads they put all over the place. Now thanks to these ad web sites don't even have to worry about over loading their band width they can just grab the html code put it in the center of their ad castle and earn pennies a day.
I think I'm going to send a letter to the third world countries to set up sites like these because for pennies a day they could feed a village.
So if you read my posts you can blame streaming video for my back log.


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