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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Still on it about ads

Let me begin by say that there is no link on this post.
Then me also say that those ads that say, win a free..., get a free..., be a secret shopper, etc, etc. are a scam. I hope you didn't believe otherwise but someone out there has to because they keep putting up those ads and keep using the same scheme.
Think about it... Somewhere out there.... There's a complete idiot.
I have to laugh at myself for two reasons. One, there are ads at the bottom of this page. They're banner exchanges and web ring stuff but still they're ads (did you notice I took off that piece of crap pop up ad? I didn't know it was their but funny story, I got kicked off the banner exchange a long time ago for having offensive material. Congratulations to me I'm on par with porn). Two, a long time ago I decided to see what these "get something free" ads were made of and so I embarked on the amazing journey that I now dub, "how do screw up your email address with spam". To this day I'm still overloaded with spam. And it was all for nothing.
First off most of these ads are from companies that have nothing to do with, ipod or nokia and it says so right off the bat but they obviously have some sort of relationship with the company otherwise they would all have received cease and desist orders. Anyway, so you click click click and fill out your info only to find out that in order to get this free something you have "participate" in offers from their partner companies. One or two of these are credit card applications but most require that you buy a membership or something. Meaning that by the time your done you've spent sixty to seventy dollars for you "free" ipod and possible screwed up your credit. You might be thinking 70 buck for an ipod isn't bad (they only give it to you if you're approved for the credit cards and when I actually did buy something it didn't register with the ad company so it didn't count) but here's the kicker you still have to get twenty of your friends to sign up and do the same thing. This ladies and gentlemen is the foundations of a pyramid scheme.
I don't know about you but I don't have twenty friends nice or stupid enough to go along with he offer especially since they'll most likely spend $70 and get nothing out of it.
If you do however feel the urge to click an ad I did find the ones that are run by the actual companies (you can tell because they link to the website and keep to their marketing colors and slogans) do work. I got myself some great shampoo samples!
And this is why ads suck.
If you know anyone who clicks them thank them for promoting stupidity.


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