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Monday, September 04, 2006

Art Lesson: Final

It's the end of class boys and girls and here is the final lesson (I'm sure those of you who couldn't care less about art are happy).
It took a while and a lot of searching to find so good art with originality, emotion and talent.
While these two artists aren't my personal cup-o-tea I wouldn't claw out my eyes if I had to put their work on my wall.
This guys does good work and you can see right away that he puts time and forethought into them. My only issue with him is that I've crossed his path before and he's a bit of a jerk (with a speech impediment) and he's beginning to get too commercialized. By that I mean that he's expanding into selling his work on each coast even though he lives in NY. It's a bit lame since half the point of showing your work is so people can talk to the artist and plus their are plenty of struggling artists in California would would like to have a chance at gallery space. Still, I guess you can't fault him for trying to sell.

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting this gal but as you can see by here happy pictures its not something I would normally have on my wall. From what I gather she specializes in book illustration. Which only gives he more points because she isn't drawing the same pictures everyone else is. The best thing about her work is that if I wanted to be suave and dashing by purchasing a present for a lady friend I'd buy one of her works.

that's enough niceness for one month.


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