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In the begining there was ME and I said give me money and I was poor, then I said make me happy and their was women followed by darkness and finally I said don't let their be idiots and so there were. I think blogs and most of the internet in general is crap from nobodies I don't care about. Everyone wants to be famous but no one wants to do the work. All you have to do is type type, post on the internet and bam. This is dedicate to all the hopeless that are too stupid to even know.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Art Lesson: Shock

Shock art.
art with some type of grotesque graphic display or meaning. As far as an investment goes shock at is only as valuable as how long and shocking the message it contains is. As home owner shock art is only worthwhile if you don't mind having a huge painting a genitalia being crushed on your wall. As an artist shock art is... Well unless you're a shock artist shock art is hard to understand.
often shock art is slapped together using low quality materials, little time but hours of thought. My friend once shaved his entire body and than sprinkled the hair onto a canvas in the shape of a body. Shock artist are often extremely passionate about what they are thinking about and the way of showing it that or they are greedy bastards who know that doing something bad gets them attention.
in the end it's just like a circus freak show. Its interesting to watch but you aren't going to take anything home.


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