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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Take me to your publicist

I'm getting tired of people opening their big mouths just to get publicity. Some researchers in Colorado believe (who listens to anyone in Colorado?) that earth like planets may be more common. Key words, may be and believe. It's not even a theory let alone fact but they took it into their hands to talk about this idea to people. Of course people are going to go, oh my gosh aliens. Maybe they did it for the money, maybe they did it because no one thinks there's intelligent life in Colorado. The bottom line is they have nothing but a computer simulation that use estimated and conceptual figure provides a possibility that more earth like planets could exist.
I've got news for them, we already thought more earth like planets existed. That is if you believe that the universe is infinite, with infinite possibilities anything can happen and if your a math nerd you know that any percentage of infinity is infinity. Therefore there an infinite number of earth like planets.
what people really should be talking about how impossible long distance space travel is. And I don't mean long distance, mars, I mean sci-fi movie long distance. All these people who jump at the idea that there's a chance aliens exist or that in the next decade we could be living on the moon are gonna get their hearts broken.
here's my theory.
the universe is infinite and contains an infinite amount of objects moving at every possible speed and direction. Now try to imagine traveling a vast distance while calculating every single moving object including the ones behind the planets, you know the ones you can't see while estimating if certain stars an gravitational forces will still exist by the time you get there. I'm no math wiz but is sounds life calculating infinity to the infinite power. What kind of computer could do that?
not ours. At our current level of space and computer tech we can't even get into space on a rainy day. What make anyone thing we'll be colonizing planets anytime soon. We might have a chance at the moon before the earth becomes a rotting pool of pollution (thanks mom and dad for just now figuring out that you've screwed the environment).
it may sound cynical but the human race is going to die out and all we have to show for it is the nuclear bomb and reality TV shows.
blah, what's the point. We shouldn't even bother having kids their just going to die in painful and hideous ways. Everyman for themselves.... Oh wait we're already doing that.


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